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You've always wanted it....

now make it a (semi) reality

claim anything your heart desires
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This community has been dead for a while, dead as in no claims were being added although people were still making claims even after several mod posts were made informing people that the community was closed..So due to this activity, I decided to clear everything out and start fresh. Claims made before May 16, 2005 will NOT be added. So if you want to claim anything, READ THE RULES FIRST and then make your post. Happy claiming!
1. Check the claims list before you claim anything. I will check the dates and times on the claims to see who claims what first.
2. You can have 2 claims when you join, after that, you have to promote us somewhere..for every promotion, you can claim 2 more things..and you have to show us where you promoted us! Just make sure it's ok with other mods before you promote! If all you want are 2 claims, then you don't have to promote!
3. Once you claim it, you CAN unclaim and claim something else, just let us know.
4. No flaming other users please! No arguing or fighting over claims..if you have something to say, get in touch with one of your friendly mods Nikki the_storyso_far and Ashley deviousangel13 Don't try to handle a dispute on your own! Thats what the mods are for, and we're always happy to help!
5. I'm not going to say what you can claim, but please don't get all nutty on me mmk? Be creative, but not OVERLY perverted..perverted is fine just not extreme lol...i know you guys are out there...
6. PLEASE guys, only make TWO claims per post. It makes things way easier on the people who are adding the claims! Make as many posts as you need to (with promotion links after initial 2), but only TWO per post!
7. Be specific when you claim. Don't just tell me something like 'anything to do with french fries' If you want to claim french fries, say that! But don't be mad when someone comes along and claims McDonalds french fries because you weren't specific enough!

One more thing, it isn't really a rule though. Don't make your claims on the claim page itself, make a post to the community! To do this, you must first join the community! If you need help past that, ask me! One of us will be more than happy to help!
thats it..fairly simple...we're nice, dont be afraid to ask us anything...links to our personal journals are above...now play nice and claim something already!

Btw I the_storyso_far also moderate the following communities:
which are pretty much dead, but I still like them!

Please do not promote other communities here without permission. We're more than likely to say ok to promotion, but we'd like to see what you're promoting first!
If you mod a community and you'd like to be a friend of the community, email me your banner or link info at the_storyso_far@livejournal.com and I'll gladly add you! Hopefully you'll add us to yours as well!

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